“Cape Cod Cottage”
Mike Rooney
8” x 10”
Mike Rooney was born in Virginia in 1958 and attended Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond. Mr. Rooney has been a sign painter and airbrush artist.
Mr. Rooney prefers painting outside (en plein air) to a comfortable studio. Bugs, bystanders and bad weather are just a few of the inconveniences and nuances of his coastal subjects. Rooney's subject matter varies, but he loves to show the effect of light on water, boats and beach environments from the salt marshes of Cape Cod to the mangroves and turquoise water of Key West.
Mr. Rooney has taught workshops internationally in Italy and Cuba.
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Nationally, he teaches up and down the Atlantic Seaboard from Maine to Key West. He has made 7 instructional DVD's for major art suppliers and is in the Royal Bank of Canada's Corporate Collection. Mr. Rooney was selected to be on the cover of the annual Cape Cod Life Arts Edition in 2012.